Quality Policy

As Goes Shoes, we aim to provide our customers with an excellent quality and always exceed their expectations. Our quality policy is a core value of our company and a part of every business process. While aiming for excellence at every step, we adopt the principles of continuous development, cooperation and customer focus.

Customer Focus
As Goes Shoes, we strive to keep our customers' satisfaction at the highest level. Understanding our customers' expectations, meeting their needs and valuing their feedback are among our priorities. In addition to providing our customers with quality products, we aim to adapt to their changing needs and improve the customer experience by being in constant communication with them.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation
As Goes Shoes, we constantly strive to improve our business processes and products. We are constantly looking for opportunities for improvement to raise our quality standards and stand out competitively. We encourage innovation, follow new technologies and follow the latest trends in the industry. We encourage creativity in the design and manufacturing process of our products so we can continually offer new and exciting products to our customers.

Collaboration and Teamwork
We care about teamwork and cooperation to implement our quality policy. We appreciate the contribution of each of our employees in our business processes, and we organize training and awareness programs to ensure that our employees at all levels comply with our quality standards. We work together to achieve common goals with cooperation, communication and team spirit.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness
As Goes Shoes, we aim to act in a way that is sensitive to the environment and natural resources. We attach importance to using environmentally friendly materials and to effectively manage waste in our production processes. We aim to leave a better world to future generations by carrying out our activities in accordance with the principles of sustainability.

Quality Management System
As Goes Shoes, we adopt a quality management system in accordance with internationally accepted quality management standards such as ISO 9001. Through this system, we constantly monitor quality, evaluate performance and identify opportunities for improvement. By applying our quality policy within the framework of this system, we are committed to providing our customers with reliable and high quality products.

As the Goes Shoes family, we continue to work with a quality policy that aims for perfection. We constantly strive to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and exceed their expectations. We aim to continuously increase our quality by promoting continuous improvement in our business processes and working collaboratively.